Who We Are

Canadian Global is a Canadian-based oilfield service and drilling company. We supply top drive parts, top drives drilling rigs, TDS 11 top drive, new and used top drives, Smart Slide directional drilling software, used land rigs, IR3080 roughnecks, pipe handling equipment, and land drilling rigs. We have expert top drive technicians for top drive field services. We also provide quality TDS drilling service and logistic support. We are one of the leading offshore drilling rig, and onshore drilling rig service providers in the USA, Mexico, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. 

Our Certificates

Canadian Global is a member of the CAODC
Canadian Global is APEGA Certified
Canadian Global is APEGA Certified
Canadian Global is CWB certified

What We Offer

Top Drive Software

We provide state-of-the-art Top Drive Sliding control software and Smart Slide drilling software.

AC Drives

We design and engineer customized AC Drives with proprietary software built for top drives.

Remote Monitoring

We have the most advanced remote monitoring systems to support onsite personnel, track maintenance and establish correct service intervals. To prevent costly downtime, we solve most issues remotely or provide temporary workarounds until parts arrive for a smoothly continuing ongoing project!


We're the world's leading repair and recertified supplier of the top drive and oilfield parts. We are the reputed distributors of bearings, oilfield parts, top drive parts, oil drill machines, and control cables.

Oilfield Parts

A leading supplier of after-market top drive and oilfield parts, Our Canadian Global distribution network includes bearings, seals, oil, top drive parts, oil drill machine, control cables, other accessories, and control cables.

Field Service

We have experienced and certified field service technicians that can complete all your top drive systems service work and top drive repair services. We ensure the best onfield support to continue your ongoing drilling projects.

Top Drive Recertification

We are the leading provider of recertified top drives across Canada and worldwide. Our experienced, certified technicians and engineers always ensure industry-leading top drive recertification services for you.

Wrench/Roughneck Recertification

Our advanced Wrench & Recertified Iron Roughnecks are well built, compact, lightweight, and ready to mount on the rig floor. We provide the complete lineup of ST80 iron roughneck and IR3080 iron roughneck parts and services with technical support.

High Torque Upgrades

We ensure 30% more torque for today’s rapidly changing demands from the operators. Our testified Tesco HXI, EXI 800HP top drive High torque upgradations with engineered approvals upgrades peak the productivity of the whole drilling rig, which will be beneficial for your business.


We have an in-house top drive engineering department to analyze your project and take it from concept to completion. Our engineering team will make the drilling automation easy for our clients. We provide proprietary directional drilling services and TDS drilling services.