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Canadian Global

Remote Monitoring System

Canadian Global’s research and development team shocked the industry by introducing the Remote Monitoring System to top drives worldwide. Our innovative system enables real-time monitoring of top drive systems while offering uninterrupted customer support 24/7.

The Remote Monitoring System delivers a remarkable advantage over conventional designs by significantly reducing expenses and downtime. Our system provides operators with instantaneous, real-time feedback and comprehensive information about the top drive and its surrounding environment.

Field-tested and perfected over nearly a decade of global operations, our Remote Monitoring System stands as a testament to its unparalleled success in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring peak performance in drilling operations worldwide.

Key Features

Our simplistic home screen enables the operator to select in-depth information from:

  1. Top Drive Maintenance
  2. Drive Data
  3. Main PLC
  4. Drillers Console
  5. PQM

Home Screen

Our simplistic and easy-to-use home screen enables operators to quickly identify the issue and navigate through the system. Canadian Global staff are always ready to support and more often than not we are able to solve the issue from a remote location – instead of a costly field call.

Alarm Screen

The Remote Monitoring System will immediately alert the operator alongside Canadian Global managers via email/SMS when there is any alert that needs to be corrected. This allows the operator to prevent shutdowns by taking the necessary measures.

Top Drive Maintenance

Our comprehensive system keeps track of – every maintenance interval, total rotating hours, total operating days, gear box oil life, and all other information pertaining to your top drive and its environment.

Maintenance Example

The information is neatly presented with descriptions and simplistic instructions on how to perform the maintenance task at hand. This user-friendly approach ensures that maintenance tasks are carried out efficiently and effectively, maximizing equipment uptime and operational productivity.

Drive Data

The drive data screen gives the operator instant information about the state of the top drive. In order to rotate an EXI top drive, every green indicator must be lit. This any operator to easily troubleshoot, pinpoint issues, and save valuable time without extensive training and experience.

Main PLC

Our system allows anyone to verify all inputs, outputs, & values in the PLC. Select any card to zoom in and easily view schematics. This allows anyone to see inside the main PLC without the use of expensive laptops and software.

Ready to Learn How Our Remote Monitoring Can Benefit You?

Ready to Autonomize Your Drilling Rig?

Elevate your drilling operations with Canadian Global’s innovative software today. Don’t settle for outdated methods that drain your resources and lead to costly downtime. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with unmatched customer support and assistance 24/7. Take control of your top drive maintenance and monitoring – contact Canadian Global now!

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