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The Smart Drive was developed to meet our client’s needs of minimizing downtime and improving the performance of their top drives. The system utilizes the latest technology to provide managers, operators, and maintenance personnel with various methods to perform their jobs easier. Canadian Global’s Smart Drives act as replacement drives for the ECI900, ECI1350, EXI, and EMI model top drives. We are proud to produce the most advanced drives in today’s market.

Minimizes Downtime

  • Remote access PLC and HMI’s to provide troubleshooting and resolve issues from a remote location
  • Canadian Global monitors the health of your system 24/7. We will provide notifications of any alarms or events as they happen live
  • Drive building HMI for detailed system monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Rig floor HMI for advanced top drive control, as well as system monitoring and troubleshooting

Special Features

  • Power quality monitoring system
  • Provides over/under frequency and voltage spikes protection
  • Redundant AC units to ensure you never have downtime
  • Added sensors on top drive and drive building for flow, pressure, and temps

Maintenance Features

  • Software is always recording actual rotating hours and operating days to provide accurate maintenance intervals
  • Weekly reports on actual top drive rotating hours and operating days
  • Live emailed reports on alarms and errors in system

Smart Drive Versions

Canadian Global currently has 2 versions of the Smart Drive:

  • Vacon NXP high speed drive for ECI900 and ECI1350 top drives
  • ABB ACS800 for EXI and EMI top drives

Why Smart Drive?

  • One button startup sequence
  • 4 quadrant drives provide constant control of the quill. No more uncontrolled backspins at any time
  • Air cooled system eliminates condensation issues
  • Easy to load and ship, fully enclosed sea container design – fully customizable as per customer’s needs

The Most Advanced Drive On The Market

We Guarantee a Highly Reliable AC Drive

Engineered with precision and reliability at its core, Smart Drive ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, offering a dependable solution for your top drive system. Trust Canadian Global to keep your operations running smoothly with our cutting-edge AC drive replacement.

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