Top Drive Recertification

Canadian global is a Canada based drilling company that also provides top drive recertification.

We use only licensed, factory trained technicians to disassemble, recertify, and rebuild your top drive. We believe that we offer the quickest and most cost-effective recertifications in the industry. When you see the finished product- you will see that we produce the highest quality recertifications in the industry. There will never be any issues with startup.

The following steps are frequently included in our Top Drive Recertification Process:

Inspection: A visual inspection of the top drive is performed to identify any damage or wear.

Testing: The top drive is tested to verify its mechanical and electrical performance. Load testing, torque testing, and functional testing of its control systems are all part of this.

Maintenance: Any necessary repairs or maintenance is performed on the top drive. This includes the replacement of worn parts, the adjustment or calibration of components, and the repair of any damage.

Certification: Once all necessary repairs or maintenance have been performed, the top drive is recertified. This typically involves generating a report documenting the inspection, testing, and maintenance performed, as well as certifying that the top drive meets all relevant industry standards and specifications.

Get an estimate today! Simply reach out to us with the details of the equipment you need recertified, including its make, model, and location. We’ll provide you with a quote promptly.