Top Drive Services & Maintenance

Canadian global provides all kinds of top drive services including maintenance, repair, and overhaul in the USA, Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Top drive failure will cause very harmful effects on your production which can be very expensive. We are proud of our ability to offer top drive repairs and maintenance services for all kinds of top drives. All of our top drive engineers and technicians have been trained and certified at top drive manufacturers, such as Varco and TESCO.

At Canadian Global, we ensure the most comprehensive top drive field services, which are fast and efficient to be able to take care of all kinds of top drive systems. Our highly trained top drive engineers and technicians and their on-site experience will ensure that your top drive running in the field in fully operational condition. They are unrivaled in their capacities, whether it be top drive maintenance, recertification, repair, and after-sales service!

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