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Smart Slide Drilling System: Automated Directional Drilling  

Canadian Global provides the best directional drilling software. We develop and deliver a smart slide system. This is an effective solution to enhance the efficiency of the drilling process and reduce friction by automating the rotational function. The interface is simple and easy to operate. We offer competitive prices according to the client’s goal and requirements.


  • Versatile manufacturer integration
  • Automation of rotation
  • Automation of neutral point
  • Slide control without the use of grabber or brake
  • Reduction of friction in the lateral section
  • Simplified interface
  • Time management efficiency
  • Increased ROP
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick install
  • Remote monitoring for quick support

Slide Drilling Automation

The Smart Slide system is an auto reciprocation and sighting for top drives. It’s one of the most important parts during drilling operations. Many operators have intention to drill further horizontal sections to increase productivity in their wells. The smart slide system provides a precise automatic way of doing this operation by reciprocating the drill pipe to reduce down hull friction. So this allows the operators to reach the desired depths to maximize the return on investment.

Smart Slide | Canadian Global


Smart Slide | Canadian Global


Drilling Function

Anyone can select the forward and reverse settings to read one turn in each direction. This will command the top drive to rotate one turn in forward then back to the neutral position and then one turn in reverse and again back to the neutral position. This process will continue until the operator selects the stop button

Bump Function

In this bump function, it is allowed to change the neutral position of the rotation forward by 45 degrees. The red arrow lands this will be the new neutral point of the reciprocation. This allows the operators to steer the bit while drilling down.

Zero Function

When an operator wants to stop sliding the top drive will always be commanded to go back to its neutral position before coming to a complete stop.

Zero Point Function

The ZERO POINT Slide or ZP slide is used to slide without reciprocating. In this function, it’s simple by enabling the button and the quilt position is now locked in place. Just select a 90-degree bump forward to adjust the angle. It is possible to move the quill to any position by using the bump.

The Smart Slide allows the operator to set specific modes for slide control and allows the software to control the operation. This provides consistent performance and eliminates human error.